About Pure Plumbing & Heating

Get to know our Vancouver plumbers

andrew-henderson-pure-plumbingAndrew Henderson Owner Pure Plumbing

Andrew Henderson has been in business for himself since he was a teenager, but his true love is for plumbing—or, more accurately, for helping homeowners in need through his trustworthy and reliable plumbing services. That’s why he launched Pure Plumbing in 2009, following several years of plumbing experience. Initially, the company’s vision was simple—to provide Vancouver’s home and business owners with an authoritative plumbing service that they could trust. Pure Plumbing has remained committed to that goal and has grown its operation by leaps and bounds.

Indeed, today’s Red Seal Certified Pure Plumbing team includes plumbing and HVAC professionals whose passion is for offering superior workmanship, friendly service, fair pricing, and around-the-clock availability. These plumbers can be reached 24/7, 365 days a year, by clients across Vancouver, Surrey, and Langley; the services they offer are numerous, ranging from basic plumbing services to drainage services, water analysis and filtration, grease trap removal, and water heater installation.

Henderson is proud of how the company has expanded, but his greatest source of pride is the positive reputation that Pure Plumbing has cultivated—a reputation for its trustworthiness. He believes that the company is selling not only its plumbing expertise, but also peace of mind—and as such, it offers up-front pricing and free estimates, with no hidden fees or nickel-and-diming. Additionally, the Pure Plumbing team is marked by its staunch professionalism—so even on a 3:00 am house call, these are plumbers you can depend on to do their work courteously and with integrity.

We are paperless!

There are other things that set the company apart, as well. Pure Plumbing is entirely paperless; all invoices and inspection reports are transmitted electronically. The company is technology-friendly, too; each plumber is armed with an iPad for providing estimates and pertinent paperwork, and customers can approve estimates and track previous invoices through a secure online server.

It all adds up to a Vancouver-area plumbing company that is different from the rest—ready and able to provide reliable and fully-warrantied plumbing services 24/7. For more information, or to speak with a certified plumber right away, contact Pure Plumbing now!